About KPVoice

KPVoice is singing studio based in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. 

Established by professional vocalist and performing arts educator, Kacey Patrick, KPVoice offers singing tuition for all ages, both beginner and advanced singers. 

KPVoice singing lessons are tailored towards each individual student, be they 6 or 86.  Particular focus is given to free and resonant singing, exploring vocal colour and texture, understanding how the voice functions and how it resonates, embodying rhythm and tone, and harnessing the whole body in singing and performance.  As a singing teacher, Kacey is passionate about discovering the unique voice within every student, transcending vocal barriers and expanding and enhancing vocal ability and singing confidence.

STYLES: Contemporary, Jazz, Music Theatre, Light Classical, World Music, Folk & Rock, Ambient & Experimental.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced

SUITABILITY: Ages 6+ – KPVoice caters for all students; children and adults, young and mature singers, those that ‘can sing’ and those who feel they ‘cannot sing but wish to enjoy singing with more confidence’.

LESSON STRUCTURE: individual tuition / group lessons (max. 4 students)

COST: $60 per hour / $30 per half hour

Singing, voice craft, performance, special event or ensemble workshops and facilitation are also available on request. To discuss these further or singing lessons, times and fees, please contact Kacey Patrick.

| E. kaceypatrickvoice@gmail.com

| M. 0415 220 410

| P. 07 5633 5244.

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